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Snowblower Tips

Here are some tips for you and your snowblower:

1. Start your snowblower before the first storm and run it up and down the driveway.  Re-acclimate yourself with it.  It has been months since you have used it.  You don't want to be pulling the manual out in the middle of a snow storm.

2. Use Stabilizer with Ethanol in your machine year round.  Use the recommended amount for storage, and add to your gas can as well.  You never know when the last storm will be, so be prepared.

3. Shut off the fuel supply after useage.

4. Engage the blower to remove all the snow when your done using it.  Snow left in the auger may freeze and cause a belt to blow the next time you use it.

5. After using the snowblower, with the key in the off position, engage the starter twice.  This removes any moisture around the bendix, preventing it from freezing up.

6. Use a silicone spray on the chute.  Cooking Pam works well.  This will help minimize clogging.

7. NEVER put your a hands in the Chute.  Use a broom handle, or similar item, to remove snow clogs. 

8. ALWAYS make sure equipment is OFF before removing clogs.

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